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marythamesx.jpg 11K
Mary in London during our walk along the Thames in 1998. Because we were there in mid March, this day, as almost every day of our vacation, was overcast and cold. But we didn't mind the weather, since it was invigorating and kept away the throngs of tourists normally seen in the warmer months.

This was the first hotel we stayed in London. It was probably the worst hotel we have ever had the misfortune to pay good money to stay in. Grossly overpriced, and abysmally small, the rooms looked like they at one time were student dorm rooms, which was probably the case since a large university was near by. Probably the only good thing that could be said about it was that it was conveniently close to two major train stations and the underground subway.

hotellondonx.jpg 20K

ricktransport1x.jpg 20K
Rick at the National Transport Museum in London. This is a fascinating museum filled to overflowing with vintage buses, trolley cars, and subway equipment. And since Rick is a "train buff", he couldn't resist jumping on board this vintage trolly car and hamming it up for the camera.

milliex.jpg 19K
We were invited to stay with friends while we were in England. Millie, a very close friend of Mary's, and her husband, Blaine, were gracious hosts and provided us an opportunity to experience what living in England was like. A natural home decorator, Millie's home was beautifully decorated and extremely pleasant to be in. We had a very comfortable stay for the few days we were there.

Mary with her close friends Millie to the left, and Sandra in the middle. Sandra lives in Scotland and came down to visit us while we were at Millie's. Mary has visited them several times during other trips to England and Scotland.

milliesondramilliex.jpg 14K

maryatmilliesx.jpg 15K
Mary relaxing at Millie and Blaine's home. It's tea time! Doesn't her smile give a pretty good indication that she is having a great time?

Rick wanted to try real English fish and chips so Blaine and Millie took us to one of their favorite fish & chip resturants. Joining us were their son, daughter, her husband to be, and Sandra. This was REAL fish and chips. The slab of fish on Rick's plate was so big it hung over the edges, and it was delicious. Including the pint of malt beer Blaine insisted Rick have - "can't have fish & chips without beer" - Rick ended the meal quite content and very full!

fishchips1x.jpg 16K

planemarymilliex.jpg 15K
Blaine is a member of the Exeter Flying Club located in Exeter, England. When he surprised us with an invitation to go for a plane ride over the English countryside how could we refuse! For two hours we had a wonderful view of England that most people, even the locals, never get the chance to experience. Here, Mary and Millie pose alongside the plane before our flight.

Rick had the co-pilot's seat, with a great view of the scenery below. Millie and Mary sat in the back having a great time mostly talking about everything while Rick was quietly enjoying the view up front.

copilotx.jpg 12K

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