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herrenberg1x.jpg 21K
Another business trip required that Rick to go to Herrenberg, Germany to provide training on his company's business software. Though only a small town, Herrenberg is very pleasent and has a nicely restored oldtown section which has been turned into shops and resturants. This is a view looking down one of the streets.

Another view of Herrenberg's restored area. The buildings are typical of German architecture in the 16th century. Rick's hotel was only a short walk away.

herrenberg2x.jpg 20K

germantrainx.jpg 16K
Whenever we travel to other countries, we try to ride a favorite mode of transportation - trains. While in Germany, Rick continued that tradition. This train to the Stuttgart airport arrives at the Herrenberg platform. Rick went to the airport to pick up a rental car so he could do some sightseeing on his own.

germanyflyingx.jpg 13K
While in Herrenberg, Rick was invited to go flying with pilot Ralf, a friend and co-worker from the local office. Another co-worker from Rick's office, Margaret, also came along. Although it was a wet and overcast morning when we arrived at the small private airport, by the time the plane was fueled and checked out the weather had cleared and we had a great time exploring the German countryside from the air.

For two hours we flew around checking out the views below. We flew towards the German Alps, over a ski resort, around the town of Stuttgart, over the huge Mercedes assembly plant near Stuttgart, over the town of Herrenberg, and circled around several castles, including this one, the 11th century Hohenzollern Castle. Later in the day we visited this same castle by car, allowing us the experience of seeing it from several view points.

castleairx.jpg 15K

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