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  June 16 Update

Below are pictures of the construction progress for your enjoyment. Click on the thumbnails to open larger, full screen size, pictures.

The "Tube" is in. Some of you weren't clear how I was planning on supporting the uppler level over the roundhouse area. Here are images of the beginning of the solution.


The tube is attached to a plate above the ceiling joists by a 1/2" threaded rod, so it is fully suspended from the ceiling. The backdrop will wrap around this tube, further strengthening it. A sheet of plywood will be attached to the bottom of the tube to form a subbase for the roadbed, and will also be suspended from the ceiling by four additional 1/2" threaded rods. The tube then becomes a spacer and stabilizer to position and hold the plywood subbase. On top of this plywood sheet will be attached joists, risers and roadbed to support the track.

Following the naming convention of the "domino" and "doormino" benchwork construction methods, I guess we could call this the "tubemino" method. Move over David Barrow and Dave Clemmens, there's a new method in town :-)

Also completed and operational is the new Southern Pacific transfer staging yard which diverges from the Santa Fe mainline at the approach to Valley Staging. Newly installed is a three-way turnout and two additional tracks. Now there are three dedicated staging tracks for Southern Pacific trains coming in and out of Orchard Yard.

The center track (which is also the lower end of the helix to the upper level) will hold the SP Inbound transfer which will enter Orchard yard with cars for the Santa Fe and then returns to SP as a light engine/caboose move.

The returning transfer will be stored on the rear of the three tracks, which is a short track long enough to accomodate three or four locos, and a caboose.

The front of the three tracks will hold the SP Coal train. This train returns with empty coal cars and will return to this front track.

A small control panel is installed in the same shelf where the Valley Staging control panel is located. A rotary switch currently selects the desired track, but may be replaced by a stationary decoder to allow use of pushbuttons consistent with the design of the Valley Staging yard panel next to it.

Well, that's it for this update. Thanks for checking out the progress!

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