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  June 22 Update

Below are pictures of the construction progress for your enjoyment. Click on the thumbnails to open larger, full screen size, pictures.

Brackets are sprouting like weeds! Here are several images of these custom made brackets after being installed. These custom designed brackets were laser cut from sheet steel by a friend for free! They are designed to be dual purpose in that they can be attached to studs with lag bolts, as in these images, or mounted in stringer assemblies attached to flat wall areas and across windows utilizing special notches cut into the end of the bracket facing the wall.

Look for the "Monster Bracket" in the last image. It is the first of five extra long brackets to support the large rock and gravel plant that will be modeled at the outskirts of the mountain town of Raymond on the upper level (between Los Molinos and the Sacramento River Bridge on the lower level).


More of the permanent backdrop surface is being installed at this time as well. The yard aisle now has 1/8" hardboard backdrop in place. It still needs to have the seams filled in and then painted sky blue. An unexpected side affect of the new backdrop is the slight echo heard when someone in the aisle is talking - apparently due to the hard, solid surface of the hardboard reflecting sounds. Hopefully this will be lessened when roadbed and hardshell terrain is installed because I don't like it.

The first image shows the backdrop being installed. In the second image the backdrop is attached to the adjacent sheet and when the glue at the joint is dry, it will be wrapped around the tube, which you can see the bottom behind the hardboard to the right of the drill. The last image shows the fiberglass insulation installed in the space between the backdrops. This is to minimize the amount of noise heard from the other side of the backdrop.


The last two images are of the plywood sub-base installed underneath the support tube which has been attached to the ceiling. On top of this sub-base will be installed additional sheets of plywood which will be the actual roadbed support. The design will have everything stacked on top of the plywood sub-base seen in the picture, so it is crucial that it must be solid. The tube is working out perfectly - it's solid, with zero movement. However, the plywood is more flexible than expected, so it will require steel bracing underneath to stiffen it, an addition we are already working on.

The first image shows how the sub-base is positioned underneath the tube. That's the back of the backdrop to the left of the tube. It will soon be wrapped around the tube and other panels will be attached to it to continue the backdrop.

The next image shows how everything is bolted together.


Well, that's it for this update. Thanks for checking out the progress!

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