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  Travels To Distant Places

In 1991 we joined several friends for a two week trip to Egypt where we visited many ancient historical sites located along the Nile. This was our first trip abroad, and it was a fantastic experience. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we have travelled to Europe several times since that trip, and plan to visit other foreign countries in the future.

The best trip, however, was when we took Rick's mother Yvette to Paris, Switzerland, Venice and Rome for her 74th birthday. This was Yvette's first time overseas and we had a great time. We invited Mary's aunt Mary to join us since she and Yvette had enjoyed each other's company on previous holiday visits to our home area. We had a great, and rewarding, time!

To share some of our memories, just click on the images below for more detailed virtual visits to some of our favorite places.

gizapyramid2.jpg - 16K
January 1991.
Traveling to Egypt is like stepping back in time - a time of kings and pharaohs, temples and pyramids, camels and feluccas. We visited many of the important temples and pyramids, got lost walking in Cairo, took a cruise on the Nile, and rode camels to the pyramids. We also visited Luxor, built on the 4000 year old site of ancient Thebes, it is the archeological capital of the world. The name Luxor comes from the arabic word Al-Uqsur, meaning "the palaces or the temples", and refering to the massive and well preserved temples of Luxor and Karnak. A country of contrasts, where immense beauty and extreme poverty exist side by side, Egypt is a most fascinating place to explore. Our first overseas trip, it is fondly remembered as one of our best experiences.

March 1998, February 2000, March 2000 & March 2001.
Often regarded as the world's most civilized nation, France has for centuries exerted a powerful influence on travelers. Today, as ever, it is a most alluring and delightful country to visit. Paris is without a doubt one of our favorite places to visit. It is a beautiful city to walk around in, with it's many museums, monuments and parks easily accessible with the help of the Metro, Paris' subway system. We like this city so much that we've been there several times. Bordeaux, near the west coast of France, is another French city worthy of a visit . A city which rivals Paris for architectural beauty, it benefits from strong community pride which keeps the downtown buildings spotlessly clean and every building bathed in light at night. This a beautiful city in which to walk in the evening.

eiffelfrance2.jpg - 14K

venicegondola2.jpg - 16K March 2000 & March 2001.
Ahhhh, Italia! So many great places to visit. Especially Venice - it is absolutely magical! A city seemingly growing right out of the water, the many canals, bridges and alleyways form a wonderful setting for those cozy romantic strolls with a special someone. Rome is a busy city laced throughout with romance, beauty and history. No other city brings together so many extraordinary sights and experiences so intimately. Florence has a feel of serenity that is rare in most "tourist" destinations. Here you'll find Michelangelo's Statue of David, and beautiful marble covered churches. This is another great city to walk around in. And the food in Italy! If you think you know Italian food but haven't eaten in Italy, you're in for a glorious treat.

March 2000 & March 2001.
Switzerland is unsurpassed in grandeur. With the Alps as a backdrop, and valleys as green and picture perfect as can be imagined, there is hardly a square inch of this country that is not picturesque. Geneva and Lucerne, both on the edge of lakes, are true gems. Traveling by train is the perfect way to see this beautify country.

switzerland1.jpg - 8K

scotlandkilt.jpg - 83K
March 1998 & April 2000.
Scotland is Mary's "home ground", which makes it a favorite destination for us. Edinburgh, the capitol, has the fascinating Edinburgh Castle, perched on a high hill in the center of the city. The oldest building on site dates back to 1062 AD.

October 1997.
Mary has visited Ireland with some friends. A description of that trip is still to come.

ireland.jpg - 13K

londontower3.jpg - 10K
March 1998.
During our trip to England we spent several days exploring London, visiting sights such as the Tower of London, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey. We also have friends who live in Paington, a small village along the southwest coast, who took us on a unique tour the English countryside - from a small private airplane!

February 2000 & April 2001.
Cities and towns visited in Germany are Herrenberg, Tubingen, and Stuttgart. Description still to come.

germanyview1.jpg - 12K

canada.jpg - 17K
October 2000.
Another business trip in October 2000 required Rick to spend a week in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This presented a perfect opportunity for him to visit his home town of Waterloo, which he had not been to in almost forty years. Happily, Mary was able to accompany him. Together, we spent a couple of days sightseeing in Quebec City, and, more importantly, visited Waterloo, where we were invited to spend time with several relatives Rick had not seen since he was eleven years old. We had an absolutely wonderful time!

March & April 2001.
Yvette and Mary's Excellent European Vacation
After our European vacation in March 2000, we decided to take Rick's mother Yvette, and Mary's aunt Mary, to some of our favorite places in Europe the following spring. This was Yvette's first trip outside of North America, and what a trip we planned for her and Aunt Mary! A few days in Paris, then travel by train to Lucern, Switzerland for an overnight stay, more trains to Venice, Italy for a few days there, and another train to Rome for a couple of days there. We even spent time in Germany - sort of! We stopped at the Munich airport where we changed planes for the final ride home. In this picture are Aunt Mary, Yvette, Rick and Mary, next to our stretch limo which whisked us to the airport in appropriate style for this special occasion!

Limo.jpg - 12K

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